Original Safety Seal

The World's Best "On The Wheel" Tire Repair System Safety Seal Is Superior To Any Other "On The Wheel Repair" Tire Repair On The Market Today!

The Safety Seal tire repair system is a unique method of repairing all types of pneumatic tubeless tires. The Safety Seal system invented over 35 years ago is continually improved upon. Safety Seal's commercial success, of over 1 billion repairs sold world wide, has spawned many imitators.

Safety Seal +Plus+ The Liquid Patch

A Revolutionary New Concept in Tire Repair

Technical Information on
Safety Seal +Plus+ The Liquid Patch

Two State of the Art Repair Components

1. LIQUID PATCH® - Creates permanent flexible patch on inner liner

2. SAFETY SEAL® - Seals entire injury from treat to inner liner

"Creates The Perfect Repair"

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