Selwood Pumps

Solids Handling Selwood Pumps

With solids handling capabilities of up to 100mm and indefinite dry running ability, the Selwood Seltorque range of vortex pumps form the foundation upon which the company's international reputation has been built. Click here for more information

High Head Selwood Pumps

These specialist pumps incorporate the features of all Selwood's other prime assisted pumps and meet the demands for high head dewatering applications. With proven design, their simplicity offers easy operation and unparalleled reliability coupled with inherent safety. Click here for more information

Positive Displacement Selwood Pumps

These environmentally friendly, automatic priming pumps with indefinite dry running ability are Selwood's original pump designs that quickly established themselves in the marketplace and continue to play a vital role today. Click here for more information

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Selwood Pumps

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