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Gears & Gadgets: Hot Lines

Posted on Nov 25 2013
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Ranger Mining Equpment Ltd Water Line HeaterBy raising water temperature as much as 30 C, Ranger Mining Equipment Ltd.’s new Water Line Heater allows exploration drillers to work in cold weather without having to worry about lines freezing up.

The heater uses 12V DC and 110V AC diesel burners or propane-fired burners, and operators can switch power sources in minutes. “Drillers like the option of being able to switch back between a diesel-fed burner and a propane-torch burner just in case a diesel burner fails or they’ve run out of propane,” says company president Adam Purves, adding that the diesel option is also useful when propane is limited on site. The product’s one-inch heater coil, which Purves says is larger than most other heaters, provides less back pressure and minimizes sediment buildup because the coil is nearly the same diameter as a typical one-inch diameter waterline. Once all the equipment is disconnected, water simply flows out when the heater is tilted. The heater comes with an emergency shutdown switch, a furnace bypass switch and a high-temperature shutdown sensor. As well, 16-inch foam-filled rubber tires can be mounted to the heavy-duty, four-point lifting frame to improve transportability.

CIM Magazine : February 2013
Tools of the trade: Gear and gadgets
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